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The Four V's of Your Business: Vision, Voice, Visuals & Value

Becoming an entrepreneur and trying your hand at being your own boss can be extremely daunting. With all the vague lingo and buzz words you hear left and right, and the pool of information thrown at you every time you try to get real, straightforward answers, it can feel impossible to know where to start – or what any of it really even means!

Like many others, we’ve been there, and we hate it just as much as you do.

...So, to ditch the headache and dive right into the good stuff, we’ve broken down the four basic parts of a business that you need in order to get started – we call them: “The Four V’s of Your Business.”


First, it’s absolutely crucial that you know what you’re in this for! And no, getting rich quick should not be your one and only idea here. Ask yourself, what are your true, underlying intentions with your brand? Consider what your business stands for and what you want it to achieve. We share more about the importance of a strong purpose behind your business here.


Communication is key, right? Absolutely - and especially in business. Having the ability to properly communicate with and educate your ideal clients is vital to the success of your brand. Here, it's important to consider your brand message, and whether or not your brand voice properly aligns with this messaging.


Trust us, your logo is just a dent in your overall brand visuals. From your website to your social media graphics, your brand visuals include all the touchpoints your ideal clients will interact with – and as we all know, with the help of social media and the internet, visuals are becoming more important by the minute. Here are some things to consider:

  • Is my branding consistent across the board? Or is it confusing and messy?

  • Does my branding align with my brand message? (think about colour psychology, the style of your fonts and graphics…etc)

  • Are my branding images professional and relevant?


What good is a business if not for the value it adds to its clients? It may be blunt - but its true! When determining your business model, be sure to consider the pain points of your ideal clients & the ways you can directly resolve them. But more importantly, be sure to communicate this value! If you don’t consistently showcase the ways your brand can transform the lives of your ideal clients, you’re missing out on tons of potential for growth.


If you feel like you’ve ticked all the boxes but still aren’t hitting the mark with your business, oftentimes it's simply a lack of strategy that's standing in the way of your success! With The Mint Marketing Method, we’ll walk you step by step through our process of effective, stand-out marketing so you can start booking and stop worrying.


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