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Why Professionally Branding Your Business Should Move To The Top of Your to-do list TODAY!

Updated: Aug 3, 2022

For many business owners, branding is often placed at the back burner of your to do list. Many of us, once getting around to it, may even subconsciously treat branding as nothing more than a small creative outlet as opposed to a major asset to our businesses. Don’t get us wrong! Branding is an amazing, fun way to creatively express yourself and your business — but it is so much more than that. You see, your branding as a business and its significance runs far deeper than just the visual appeal of your logo — on the contrary, it’s a kaleidoscope of photos, the intention behind your business, colours which evoke different emotions, etc, which ALL reflect what it is that you and your business have to offer that others don’t. And, for that reason, we’d argue that one of the worst things you could ever do for your business is treat it as anything but that. Allow us to explain why!

For starters, it’s important to realize that the products of your branding culminate to form the FIRST experience your prospective clients have with your business! This first encounter is huge in dictating how enticed people are by your products and services and how likely they are to consider an investment of their own. Essentially, this means that your branding creates a certain experience for your customers, right from the get-go. Having the ability to dictate and refine what this experience is like for our targeted demographics is a huge tool for us entrepreneurs, and we personally think it’s vital for business owners to truly get a feel for why that is. So, here are just three of the main reasons why good, intentional investment in your branding is so totally worth it!

01 Promotes Recognition — In terms of visuals, branding can be huge in helping to really create a name for your biz. The psychology is quite simple, really: The more consistent, intentional and clear your brand, the more likely it is to be remembered by prospective clients and online audiences. Not only does this mean your business is more likely to come to mind for said clients when seeking a product or service like your own, but you’re also much more likely to get referrals AND create a community of your own loyal customers. What’s more? A solidly founded brand will drastically help to strengthen your credibility as a business in the market.

02 Sets You Apart — Branding is a crucial way to leverage yourself against your competitors. Your brand provides you with the perfect opportunity to portray to your audience what it is that sets you apart from all the others and why your business is a better alternative because of it!

03 Creates Emotional Connection — There are all sorts of ways you can use your branding process to your advantage in terms of stirring up the emotions of your target audiences. Whether through graphics, applying the psychology of particular colours to your visuals, using key words and phrasing...etc, a good brand has the ability to create a strong emotional connection with clients that greatly enhances their experiences as investors in your biz. Ultimately, this transforms your business from one which is purely of financial and conventional value, to one which is equally valuable in making clients feel seen, heard, and appreciated. There are few things, if any, that people want more to find in a business!

Pretty incredible what a difference good branding can make, right?! If you had previously been on the road to undermining your own branding process, we hope that this blog has steered you in a different direction! In fact, we encourage you to do your own further research on this topic to get an even deeper grasp of why it is that branding is worth every bit of time and energy you choose to invest into it. As always, thank you for reading along and all of the continued support. We look forward to seeing the creative ways you guys express yourselves and your businesses through your brand!


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