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5 Step-Strategy for Creating Valuable Content

Content creation is instrumental to a brand that attracts and succeeds in today’s market. But to those of you new to the game or struggling to find a rhythm, it’s important to know that digital marketing isn’t always as easy as it may seem.

Today we’re sharing how we’ve developed a quick and easy monthly system for creating purposeful content and reeling in those ideal clients! If you get into the habit of following these simple steps at the start of each month, you won’t ever be stressing about what to share next.



You want to make sure that the content you’re putting out is serving your audience WELL – that means taking the time to analyze what is really resonating with them!

For clear measurements, use the analytics tools integrated within your socials, blog posts, email lists…etc and take careful note of which content has received the most engagement over the past month. Take this a step further and identify which content has the highest rate of conversion… and do more of THAT!


We’re the first to admit that sitting down and planning to have an intentional brainstorm session doesn’t always work so well. Instead, our advice is to have some way to track your new ideas as they come and categorize them within your content pillars.

This doesn’t have to be formal at all – try using a sticky note, folder on your phone or notebook you carry around with you! That way, whenever you’re low on ideas, you have a read-to-go list of prompts waiting for you.

3.) PLAN

Now that you’ve identified your audience interests, generated ideas and thought of your goals for the month ahead, it’s time to put it all into a plan! This ensures real strategy and intention goes into your content creation process, and saves TONS of time and energy in the process.

Check out our digital content planner here!


Or more specifically, batchwork! We like to take a full afternoon or two to batch graphics/reels/and blog posts for the month ahead.

We don’t always get all of it done but we at least give ourselves a head start so we’re not scrambling and can stay on top of things.

Remember, progress ≠ perfection.


By scheduling your content in advance, you’re able to get a quick visual of the month ahead.

This allows you to make more informed decisions about what to post when, and also serves as a final check-in to make sure you’re hitting all your content pillars and not missing on any important value! Currently, we use Planoly.


And there you have it! This may not be all there is to content that attracts, but it serves as a good baseline for long term growth and improvement your audience will recognize.

We also know getting started usually feels like the hard part! That’s why we’ve developed an all inclusive digital Marketing Course to equip you with the foundations of a brand that lasts, and the confidence to make it happen. Join now, or subscribe to our email list here and be the first to learn about our upcoming, interactive workshop!


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