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How to Email New Clients

Communication is a tricky thing, and often what works in one context is a total faux-pas in another. So how can you walk that line between professional and personal in your client communications without fumbling a potential sale?

WOO! You’ve just received a message from an interested new client and the odds of business are looking good for you. All that’s left to do is send them a response and bring that sale home – but what should you say?!

Your communications as a business owner should always be strategic and intentional. That means value-rich, informative communication, and not talking prospective clients in circles without any clear direction. Here is our go-to, 5 step email process:



First things first. Reassure your client of your presence and promptness, and let them know you received and have seen their message ASAP.

This is a good opportunity to propose a personal consultation call and really set the conversion process in motion.


We all need little reminders every once in a while. Message your client with a friendly reminder prior to your consultation, or if you have yet to hear from them again, as a follow up to your initial response.

Do NOT overdo this step – sounding desperate or pushy will weaken your credibility. Instead, approach this professionally, including a reminder at the end of what your business can help them to achieve and the value it offers. We recommend using some sort of graphic for this section to enhance your email with visual appeal.


Help them get ready to work with you. Provide detailed explanations of your process and what they can expect to do and receive as part of their business transaction.

Again, make sure they know exactly what they’ll need to do every step of the way! Too much confusion = disinterest.


Working with you is an exciting and special opportunity – make sure your client can really feel that. Deliver your product/service and provide details on all the incredible ways it can help to address potential pain points and enhance their lives.

It is crucial that your client is confident in your value every step of the way – don’t let them forget it!


This is your opportunity to build customer loyalty and stay connected with your new client. Call them to join your email list for access to future offers they may enjoy, and ask them kindly to leave a review.

Make sure they know that they won’t be a stranger if they want to return!


The thought of engaging in this intimate process with every prospective client you have is daunting. In fact, it’s just downright impossible for some of us! That’s where our MOST important tip is: take advantage of automation!

No one’s saying you have to personally write and send each email individually – most of these 5 communications can be premade and automated to do virtually all the work for you. Not only does this save you significant time and energy, but it guarantees every email your clients receive are full of value and never sloppy or rushed. Learn more about the value of strategic digital marketing here!


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