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Why You Need to be Batch Working Your Content

Batch working is the hail Mary for all small business owners out there – but if you’re just starting out or already feel pretty satisfied with your current work routine, you might be wondering if it really is worth the hype. And we’re here to tell you, hands down, that yes it is!!

In short, the premise of batching is the idea of completing similar, related tasks together instead of separately, in order to optimize your time, energy and resource management.

This means the benefits of effective batch working include more frequent and organized progress within your work, more spare time (which us business owners can never have too much of), and less “hamster-wheeling," so to speak – plus, as a result, you're a whole lot less likely to suffer from burnout!



So, how can you reap these same benefits? Luckily for you, it's as easy in practice as it is in theory!

EXAMPLE: Take your blog, for example. In order to effectively batch work your content, dedicate one week to producing enough posts to distribute over the next 5 weeks, give or take. As straightforward and simple as it may seem, this change alone is a HUUUGE improvement when compared to making your posts individually.

In fact, since discovering the art and beauty of batch working, we now almost completely batch work our Instagram feed, captions, Pinterest content, blogs, and email marketing! And when I tell you, getting one of those many tasks out of the way for an entire month is SO much better than handling it day by day or week to week, I really mean it.

Pro tip: Think about batch working like baking some goodies - it makes wayyy more sense to make a whole tray of muffins at once rather than painstakingly doing each one at a time!


Looking to take things a step further and make your process *even* easier? Use our Content Planning Toolkit for a one time payment of $10, and plan strategic, purpose fueled content months and even years in advance for LIFE!



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