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4 Reasons Why Email Marketing is Crucial to Effective Branding

Updated: Aug 6, 2022

At the end of the day, the number one message currently being fed to business owners in every corner of the workforce is this: social media is everything. And we’re here to tell you, right out the gate, that that is FALSE. While social media is certainly a major component of branding, it is one of many, and putting all of your energy just into growing your social platforms is a dead end.

Ask yourself this: if social media were to disappear entirely, at this very moment, would you still have a client base? Or would you be back at square one? If the death of social media sounds to you like the death of your brand and biz alike, then it's time to search for another life force.

One of our main recommendations for clients who feel too overspent on social media is to expand their brand into other areas, number one being their email list. But how could that possibly help grow your brand? Isn’t social media more relevant? Nope. Not at all. And here’s why:


The difference between social media and email marketing is that once someone joins your email list, you know that in some way or another they have shown an interest in your business – social media, on the other hand, doesn’t have that guarantee. This ultimately means that your email marketing is a tool to build upon that interest, and stay at the forefront of your dream clients’ minds. In other words, their understanding of your brand and its value comes directly from you!

Plus, a feature many brand developers tend to overlook is the ability for users to share your content with others.

Let’s say you’re promoting a discount, new product, or special through an email: If done well, your email list will be eager to share the news with friends and family, essentially doing the marketing for you!


When working with an audience, it's important to make sure your business never begins to feel purely transactional. Connection is key. Having an email list allows you to show your clientele that they’re on your mind, and enhances your reliability and trustworthiness.

Connection is Key.


In allowing you to segment different audiences who are intrigued by different aspects of your brand and business, you can ensure your marketing is always optimized and your conversion rates are always sky high. In that same vein, email marketing allows you to easily measure your engagement and assess your successes and failures so you never stop growing.


Believe it or not, email marketing has been found to convert more than social media, with approximately 50%+ of customers relying on email marketing to influence their purchasing decisions


Sound like it might be time to tweak your business model? If yes, we’re here to make that process as painless as possible for you – literally, it’s what we do! Trying out new things in your business is intimidating, let alone doing it well. To help ease some of the pressure, we not only have a wealth of free resources for you to grab at a click – including templates, weekly emails, and blogs just like this one – but we now also offer coaching sessions AND an all-inclusive brand design package. In other words, we won’t be leaving you empty handed anytime soon, friend.

To be the first to hear about our upcoming launches, access free exclusive content, and stay up to date with everything we have on the go, join our email list here and come visit us on our socials below!

We would love to hear from you guys about your experiences with growing your own email lists and any tips you might have on how to nail it (upcoming blog post alert). As always, thank you again for reading along and giving us the opportunity to uplift you all as fellow business owners. Take care, and we hope to see you again soon!

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