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Which Social Media Platform is Right For YOUR Biz?!

Updated: Aug 3, 2022

When running a business, having to prioritise your social media presence is pretty much a given. After all, we’re living in a time where the internet largely dictates what’s “in” and what’s “out” — and in terms of your business, that means your social media could be the ultimate difference between your success, or your failure. But, how can you make sure you’re getting the most out of this “age of social media”?

The internet is a diverse and fruitful atmosphere, and it’s FULL of different platforms precisely catered to various audiences. So naturally, of course, the temptation is there for us business owners to cover all our bases & market our businesses on each of them. The more the better, right?!? Not exactly. If you’ve already tried your own hand at this approach, you’ll not only know how impossible it is to consistently produce high quality content on so many different social media platforms at once, but how extremely overwhelming, time consuming & draining it can be to even attempt doing. Rather, in order to really master your social media & offer online content that your target audiences will both love AND trust, you need to evaluate which platforms have the most potential in terms of YOUR business. By that we mean, don’t just pump out mindless content for the sake of staying on trend; Instead, take the time to consider how each different social media platform varies from one another, as well as how their consumers themselves do too — and from there, see where you and your vision fit in. This alternative approach is a foolproof way to guarantee that your business is being adequately represented online, attracting your ideal audiences AND keeping your head afloat as a business owner. Sooo, how can you tell which platform is the best fit for you & your biz then? Here are the four main social media platforms currently being used to market businesses online, & the ways in which they attract and connect with different audiences:

01 Facebook — The motherboard of all other current standing socials, Facebook is home to billions of online users. Within recent years, however, it has become less of a rapidly growing trendy platform, and more so the domain of its original users from when it first gained its popularity during the past two decades. Thus, its main age population lies around those 30-50. Unlike other current thriving platforms of its kind, Facebook also has a strong foundation of connection. It is arguably home to the most personable form of online community, hence why it’s a great place of focus when looking to build customer loyalty and strengthen customer retention. On the downside, the huge array of other small businesses flooding the platform makes for limited reach, and it can be hard to hook your target audiences & stand out.

02 Pinterest — Of all other social media platforms, Pinterest is unique in that it largely removes the “social” component of things. That is to say, Pinterest users are often not seeking connections, but solutions and inspiration to projects they’re aspiring to or currently have on the go. As such, this is a great platform for businesses and entrepreneurs whose offerings can mainly be accessed online and do not necessitate close proximity to their consumers/clients. Another important thing to note is that, once again unlike other platforms, Pinterest’s demographic is fairly steady and limited, with 78% of its consumers identifying as female, many of whom are between the ages of 30-39. While Pinterest can be beneficial for marketing any business, we highly recommend marketing your biz on Pinterest if it pertains to clothing, accessories, art, or online services (i.e. coaching, seminars...etc).

03 Instagram — The go-to for businesses and entrepreneurs looking to market themselves online, Instagram is undoubtedly a great resource for attracting your ideal clients. Next to Facebook, it’s the second best bet you have to attracting clients that are local — like we mentioned before though, Facebook makes it hard to catch the eye of the consumer. Hence why we’d argue Instagram is even better in this respect! Not only does the platform require little effort on your end in finding members of your target demographic within your local region, but your chances of standing out are a whole lot higher. On the downside, this also means that it can be hard to bring in business if your demographic is scattered over a large geographic region, as the connection valued by Instagram users tends to lead them towards more local business alternatives. The platform also has an increasingly broad age demographic, making it ideal for just about any biz in that sense. We highly recommend using Instagram as your main social platform if your biz relates to beauty services, retail, in-person coaching, event planning/services, food services, and/or if it has its own in-person store location.

04 Tik Tok — The new kid in town, Tik Tok may seem like a daunting platform to take on at first. We totally get that. But what if we told you that, if you get it right, it could help grow your biz by thousands of clients/sales in no time, with little to no effort? Yup, just by making a few short videos (or even just one)! Tik Tok is all about quick, witty entertainment — essentially, lots of instant gratification and dopamine highs. That’s why if your business veers on the more professional side, or simply has a lot of depth to its offerings, this might not be the platform for you quite yet; likewise, it’s often not an ideal platform for those looking to find local clients. However, for those of you running your businesses out of home, spear-heading solo-preneurship, and/or looking to grow your own rep in offering online services, this could be your lottery ticket. The Tik Tok algorithm is complex, but incredibly well made at that. If you spend just a little time researching and mastering it, the odds are in your favour when it comes to potentially having one of your own posts blowing up & immediately growing your biz. While the user demographic is generally quite young, it is not at all uncommon for businesses targeted at other age groups and populations to still find success on the app — all it really takes is the right hook & generally at least one defining characteristic that sets you & your biz apart as special and worth investing in.

See why it might not be ideal to take on all the socials at once? Trust us, we get the temptation, and we’ve been there; social media can definitely give the illusion that it’s a mindless, easy thing to nail on the first try. As we’ve just seen though, that’s not at all the case, as each platform comes with its very own unique set of challenges and benefits. Like they say, quality over quantity — a mantra that, if you’re gonna use anywhere, you should always be using when considering which direction you're headed in with your business. If you’re still unsure which platform is your best fit, we encourage you to do more research of your own on their different offerings — and remember, it’s totally okay to experiment and get your bearings. All we recommend is that once you learn what works for you, you stick with it! Consistency is key, friends, and you can always add to what you already have later on down the road. Just don’t expect yourself to get it all at once, especially not on your own.

We cannot wait to see all the creative ways you master & craft your socials! However, if you need more help, we’re still always just a click away. Nothing makes us happier than being able to help you all achieve your entrepreneurial dreams & grow into the amazing business owners you all have the ability to become! Stay tuned for more, and make sure to subscribe to our email list for exclusive tips, advice, discounts & offers, and MORE every week!

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