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Top 5 Creative Apps

Updated: Aug 3, 2022

There are SO many awesome apps out there when it comes to photo editing, designing quick graphics, social media planning, etc., Here are 5 of the ones we personally use on the daily and what we use them for!

Lightroom: this is our number one fave app for photo editing. We use the desktop version of lightroom for our professional editing but for any i-phone photos for quick sharing, we use this app as it's SUPER user friendly, it has so many editing features and it's what our presets are compatible with too!

Unfold: This app is so great for professional looking story templates! It's very straightforward and the templates are so minimal and beautiful with customizable colours and fonts.

Pinterest: ok we know you already know about this one but we had to put it in there because it's a very necessary part of our inpso process when it comes to photo posing, fashion, graphic design and even finding information easily on things we're looking to learn more about.

UNUM: we're obsessed with this app! It not only helps us to visually plan out how we want our IG feed to look. But it also keeps us organized because we can schedule our social media posts! So great for implementing posting systems and work flow. (Something we'll chat more about in the future.)

Canva: While we use photoshop on our desktop for professional projects, we love Canva for when we need to create quick graphics on our phones for social media, a blog post, etc., It has so many awesome templates for basically anything you would ever need to create so it takes a lot of the thought work out if you just need to put something together quickly.

Hope that is helpful for you and maybe there's one new app you hadn't heard of that will make things a little bit easier for the creative side of your business! :)


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