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Our Must-Have Checklist for a Strong Brand

Sometimes as business owners all we need is a clear breakdown of what’s worth spending our time on, so we can push aside the rest and get focused on strategic, powerful action!

To see if your biz is on the right path towards success and discover whether or not your plan is in need of some redirection, here are the 5 pillars of a strong brand you should be looking for!



The first impression your brand leaves on your ideal clients, your brand identity consists of the creative, visual elements of your brand strategy (think colours, fonts, images…etc).

For those just getting started or wanting a refresh, we offer brand photography AND brand design!


Your business' digital storefront. Your website is the first glimpse all prospective buyers get into what you have to offer them, and should help to break down who you are, what you do, and why you do it (and why that matters to your ideal client).


Whether your business is product or service based, it's important to have cohesive, intentional business documents that help establish legitimacy.

For example, as branding photographers and business coaches, we have welcome and styling guides, course workbooks…etc, which we always ensure are aligned with our brand!


The marketing tool of all business owners' dreams & a cornerstone to the success or failure of a brand, it’s important for new and small businesses today to have strategic, intentional social media plans.

Grab our printable, 30-page content planning toolkit for just $10 here (we used it to plan a year of content in just two days)!


The end all be all. Perhaps most important of all when creating a cohesive brand is that your brand messaging is not only in alignment with all other elements of your brand, but that it is authentic to YOU as the biz owner.


We are so excited to see how you use these pillars in your own business, friend!

If you’re in need of more professional guidance and insights into how to grow your business this year, reach out to us! We would love to chat and brainstorm with you about which of our products and services will best serve you and your goals.

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Huxley Morris
Huxley Morris
Nov 18, 2023

I thoroughly enjoyed this post on "5 Things I Wish I Knew Before Leaving Corporate Life and Starting My Own Business." The insights shared resonated with my own entrepreneurial journey. The content was as vivid and impactful as the images on Depositphotos, creating a compelling parallel. The advice offered is invaluable, serving as a guide for those venturing into the challenging yet rewarding realm of entrepreneurship.

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