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How to Plan for an Amazing Branding Shoot

If you’ve finally taken the leap and booked that branding photoshoot you’ve been nervously putting off for months, chances are you want to be prepared and get the most out of your session that you can for your brand and business.

As branding photographers, coaches, and business owners of 10+ years, we know how important it is that your session is on brand and aligned with your long-term vision and goals. But this can sound daunting, and feel like an impossible task on your first try (news flash: it’s not).

So let’s dive right in as we teach you how to make the shot-list of your dreams and spill our secret on preparing for your big shoot-day with one simple tool that you probably already have!

We often get questions from our photography clients asking how they should prepare for their branding shoot, what types of images they should plan for, and how they can make sure they really get what they need out of their shoot. Our go-to piece of advice? Use your CONTENT plan!

Think of it this way: by using your content plan as a guideline for the types of images you capture during your branding shoot, you ensure it's aligned with and relevant to your brand, valuable to your audience, and importantly, intentional and strategic. The alternative? Letting your images guide your content – and trust us, that’s always a lose-lose situation!

Knowing what you’re going to talk about and the ways you’re going to bring value to your audience is a great place to start when planning your shot list! Here are some things to consider:



What work, energy and resources go into running your business, and how can you showcase your processes in your images? This is an especially good idea if your process plays a big role in setting you a part from your competitors (i.e. how you make or package products, your research/testing...etc)!


Think about why you started your business, what your intentions with it are, and what keeps you motivated to run it. Your mission and vision are great inspiration pieces for unique, heartfelt images!


Do you have any significant changes to your biz approaching that you may want some images for? A new product/service, location, website...etc? Having relevant images to pair with big business announcements is a great way to make them stand out and attract interest!


Your ideal clients want to know what to expect when they work with you and how your business can add value to their lives - this is universally true, no matter what you're selling. Having visual elements to back up your claims and help them better understand your purpose will help propel your sales forward.


Trust is one of - if not THE - most important factors of a successful business. Use your branding shoot as an opportunity to show off your work and what you're capable of, so you can not only be confident in selling your offerings, but your ideal clients can be confident in buying them.


What facts and feelings are created by your brand? How do you want your brand to make your ideal clients feel, and how has it made them feel in the past?


If you don’t already have a content plan, don’t stress – we’ve got you covered. Check out our printable content planning toolkit, and challenge yourself to see how much content you can plan in just two days!

While these are just a few ideas to get your wheels turning, they’re a great starting point for business owners seeking high quality, effective images they can trust.

Got more questions? Feel free to message us and let us help you!


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