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How To Create a Cohesive Instagram Feed For Your Business

Updated: Aug 3, 2022

Does having a cohesive instagram feed really matter?

Well think of it like this: if Instagram is the first way that your potential clients are introduced to you, your instagram feed is like your business card, your storefront, and the first conversation you have with your customer, all rolled into one! So if you’re striving to make a positive first impression, then YES, having a cohesive and professional looking instagram feed does indeed matter!

Ok let's start first by chatting about the importance of consistency. Consistency is key when it comes to building a successful brand. When you’re consistent with your branding, this helps your audience to know that they can TRUST you and what you’re about. They’ve chosen to press the follow button for a reason. They’re inspired by what you have to offer and they’re trusting you to keep showing up with content that will bring VALUE to their every day life. If your instagram feed is a cluttered random mess of images and mis matched graphics, you’re not giving your audience and potential customers any kind of consistency and you’re simply leaving them guessing about what piece of content you might come out with next. Does this speak to you?! If so, do not fear, keep on reading...

I know that personally for myself, there are several specific blogs and podcasts I consistently re-visit and listen to because I have not only come to trust their voice and brand but I also know that they will reliably show up each week with new and fresh content. Consistency builds trust. Trust helps to build community. Community then leads to longevity. BOOM!

If consistency and cohesiveness is something you've struggled with in the past, we're here to save the day with just a few simple tips that will will help to give you that cohesive and professional looking feed for your brand that your audience will come to know and trust.

01 Content planning - when it comes to showing up for your audience, content planning ahead of time is KEY. This will not only help you to stay on track with showing up consistently but it will also help to ensure you provide a good variety of different types of content - we like to show up to inspire, educate, entertain, engage, share personal peeks into our every day lives and also provide opportunity for our audience to engage. Along with planning the actual content you'll be sharing, you'll want to plan out what and when you'll be posting each piece of content so that it also looks good. We love to use an app called UNUM for this. This app allows us to plug in our images and plan out in advance how

02 Pre-set for photo consistency - if you haven’t used a preset yourself yet, you’ve likely heard it talked about online somewhere. A preset is a pre-made group of photo editing settings that you can download to your phone or computer. Using a preset, helps you to bring consistency to every photo you post no matter the location, the lighting etc., Now depending on the look or feel you’re going for with your brand, you will likely want to shop around a bit for the preset that would best suit your brand. We have several preset packs available for you to purchase in our shop here.

03 Using your branding color pallete and fonts - using graphics with text mixed in with your feed can be a really great thing for your business! You can not only utilize this idea to provide inspiring quotes and valuable information to your audience, but it also helps to build a recognizable brand for your business if you use your brand colors and fonts. But that last part is super important! Again, you don't want to just choose just any template with random colors and fonts to put together a graphic. You want to be intentional about creating a recognizable look that people will come to know and TRUST.

Well there you have it. We hope these tips are helpful for understanding the importance of building a cohesive instagram feed for your business and that you're able to begin implementing some of them right away!

Happy Instagramming!


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