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Defining Your Content Pillars: The Secret to Effective Content Marketing

Have you ever struggled with making on-the-spot content that still really aligns with your brand and its core messaging? This common struggle in digital marketing is exactly what makes your content pillars so important.

Typically described as 3-5 core topics your brand will consistently cover on social media (most often in educational, entertaining, and/or conversational ways) your content pillars are a huge asset in helping you to clarify your niche. Plus, they also help to drastically increase your audience, as showing expertise in one or a few specific areas is a huge attention grabber for your ideal clients!



Review your stats on social media and your website and really take note of what works and, simply put, what doesn't! For us, we found that behind the scenes content that showcased our skill & what it's like to work with us was always a hit, so we began to lean into that more and more overtime!

Remember, numbers speak, and it's important to always keep a steady eye on yours to make sure you AND your audience are getting the most out of your content.

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With fast paced, tidbit content dominating social media (tik tok, reels, shorts etc), it's crucial to stay up to date on what topics your target market are actually interested in – or you might just miss out on that tiny window you have to grab their attention!

As branding photographers, we found our target audience loving quick tips & tricks on how to prepare themselves for a great shoot, like what to wear or how to make an effective shot-list!

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Researching trends and data is helpful, but it gets you nowhere if you can't really speak to the pain-points, struggles and interests of your target audience. Think about what your audience consistently asks you about or wants to know!

During our business rebrand, it very quickly became clear that there was a huge need for more easy access, high quality branding related info out there - so, we delivered!

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While your content pillars act as a great starting point for brainstorming when you're making new, last-minute content, the best results come from planning in advance!

With our brand digital Content Planning Toolkit, we managed to plan out an entire YEAR of content marketing for our biz in just two afternoons – crazy, right?! Well now you can too! To realign yourself with your biz, get consistent across all platforms, and say goodbye to last minute and stress filled work, grab our toolkit here, get cozy in bed, and start planning your year with peace of mind and confidence – as easy as 1-2-3!


Managing your marketing doesn't have to be a daily headache or struggle for business owners and entrepreneurs. With clear, effective strategy and a passion for growth, success is so much closer than you think, friend - and we can't wait to see you get there!

For one-on-one guidance on attracting your dream clients using effective marketing tactics, reach out to us! We would love to help you.



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