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Communicating Your Brand Message Like a Pro

Connection is the underlying goal of all brands and businesses, big and small: How do you convince your ideal client to purchase from you and invest in your product or service? You connect with them on some level.

So what does your brand message have to do with this, and how does it serve you?!

To put it simply, your brand message is what allows consumers to relate your business to their own lives and experiences… and why they actually need it! It’s strategic communication about your business, what it promises to offer your ideal clients, and the unique values that make it stand out.

But how can you make sure your brand's messaging actually feels reliable and authentic, and not like a scammy cash-grab?



For starters, we need to bust a huge myth in the business world: you are the star of the show in your brand, not your ideal client… WRONG! It might sound harsh, but think of it this way: your work, services and products are there to serve your ideal clients, right? So who better to position in the spotlight of your brand?

Above all, your brand messaging should speak directly to your ideal client – not just at or about them. Meet them right where they are, & speak to their identity as someone who needs your brand in their life (i.e. their needs, struggles & dreams).


Once your ideal clients can see themselves in your brand story, it's important for them to see where & how you fit into their story. Use our 6-part strategy for establishing new client relationships with The Mint Marketing Method Course.


With your ideal client being the hero of the story, think of yourself as the sidekick or mentor guiding them through their journey: someone they can trust and rely on, who understands their pain-points and struggles, and always has their best interest in mind.

Show them why you're qualified to take on this big role in their life by using insights from your experience, knowledge and the results you've been able to deliver for past clients just like them – in other words, build trust!


Your goal as the hero's mentor & sidekick is to identify challenges in their path towards greatness and eliminate those roadblocks with your unique tools and resources. So, what does this mean for your brand messaging?

Your brand messaging needs to show your ideal clients that you have a clear understanding of their biggest obstacles and that you, as the expert, have all of the tools necessary to guide them through their hero's journey – is it clear how your products and services set you apart, and how they are uniquely equipped to tackle your client's struggles?

Excite them with what your brand can do for them, and help them understand that they WILL achieve their dreams with you at their side!


Now that you've learned how to define your brand message in 3 easy steps, it's time to *communicate* that message to your audience. And what better way to make sure your content always aligns with your brand messaging than to plan it ahead of time?

With our affordable $10 content planning toolkit, eliminate the stress and disappointment of inefficient social media and plan an entire year of purpose-filled content in two days, just like us! Or, for a little more info, send us a message and let us map out your next steps together – we would love to help you!



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