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6 Tips to Consistently Grow Your Business Revenue

It’s been no secret in recent years that peoples’ long term goals nowadays are to earn more and work less - and we’re right there with you. With everyone and their Mom appearing to be starting up businesses big and small, it's clear that being your own boss has never been more exciting or easy to do.

But, with more and more businesses launching, it seems that more and more seem to be struggling to reach their fullest potential. So what are they missing?


Over a decade ago, when we were starting our first venture into the world of entrepreneurship, we were in the same boat – putting our everything into projects that just didn’t see the results we had hoped for. It’s been a long time since then, and after years of tough growth and learning to gain the lives and careers of our dreams that we have today, these are the 6 tips we wish we had had right from the start.


First, you need to reverse engineer how many clients you need to book in order to hit your monthly target! This is a great opportunity to re-evaluate your pricing and make it your goal to book less clients for more $$ with the value you provide.

As an entrepreneur, it's crucial to always be as specific as possible when setting your targets, so you can be even more clear on the actions you need to take to get yourself there.


You NEED to niche down. We get it – appealing to as many audiences as possible sounds like a promising business strategy, but there’s one big problem with that plan: It’s impossible to do. The truth is, not everyone is going to like your business, and that is completely okay.

Your goal should be to focus as much time and energy as you can on speaking to the specific client you’re trying to attract and making them the main character of your business narrative! When we did this, our business grew exponentially!


This is where it’s crucial for you to have a strong understanding of your brand messaging, and high quality visuals and images that align with that brand identity.

If it’s unclear to you, it’ll definitely be unclear to your audience – and who cares about a brand they don’t understand?


In an age of constant disconnect, building real, authentic relationships with your clients is more important than ever. And how do you do that?! Providing unique, valuable content that serves them well and proves to them that you always have their best interest in mind – so when it’s time to sell your services, they’re beyond ready to purchase from you!


Giving them an incredible experience from start to finish will have them telling everyone they know about your service! Never treat clients like a pawn in your game to earn revenue, and instead take the time to acknowledge their humanity; either way, they’ll remember how they felt when they interacted with your business, and that impression will stick.


Network and build relationships with other business owners in similar fields! Shockingly, this step often goes neglected, but is a huge game changer in growing your business. Setting up referral systems is always a great idea!


If you need more guidance on how to take your business to the next level and hit some BIG business goals in the future, we offer 1:1 coaching sessions customized just for you! Contact us and let us know how we can help, and we’ll have you on track in no time!


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