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5 Ways to Generate Web Traffic

Your website is the ultimate hub for your business. It's one of the few online spaces that exists where you have complete control over your audience’s attention and their perception of your brand – that is a totally invaluable resource for business owners big and small.

So why waste that amazing opportunity, right? Well unfortunately, many of us do, getting caught up in the whirlwind of social media and in turn neglecting the gold mine that is our very own website!

We’re here to give you all the insights into how you can optimize *both*, so your social media and website are not only both successful, but work together to increase your sales and engagement!


1.) Create one or more free, valuable resources on your site.

When you make bold claims to your audience like, “guaranteed to save you time” or “the best -blank- on the market!’’ it’s important to back those claims with real, tangible proof to build trust with your ideal clients. Offering a freebie through your website is our favourite way to do this, as it not only offers your ideal client a glimpse into the value of your product/service, but is also a direct, straightforward way to lead them to your website!

Tip: As an added bonus, set up a soft paywall where your ideal client must provide their email address to access their freebie, so you can also build your email list (just make sure they consent to this first)!

2.) Include a call to action that goes to your site.

It's important to create a sense of community through your brand, so your ideal clients not only feel like they’re truly a part of something, but feel loyalty towards it. In our experience, this mindset makes for the best CTAs! Think call-to-actions like “join us” that build intrigue and lead from your social media straight to your website.

3.) Write a helpful blog post and share about it on socials.

What better way to show off your expertise to your ideal client than to offer them free, easily accessible content that actually teaches them something?! At the end of the day, we’re all eager to learn – and offering your ideal clients helpful information about your niche (and their struggles) is an irreplaceable way to build trust, loyalty and generate leads on your website.

Bonus: Having a blog on your website is also super SEO friendly, and a great way to generate growth overtime!

4.) Share about any new developments or updates on your site.

Your social media followers aren’t checking your website everyday to search for changes – you have to tell them when you make any exciting new updates! This will help to build intrigue about your website, and show your audience that you care about keeping things high quality 24/7.

5.) Talk about your services in stories and link for more info.

You are the voice of your brand and business; if you’re not actively sharing about the value your products/services have to offer, your ideal clients simply won’t know about it. Talking about your services and products on social media stories ensures you stay at the forefront of your ideal clients’ minds, and generates interest in your offerings that will have them searching for your website in no time!


These tips are pretty easy and straightforward to get started with - you might even be able to get to work on them today! But for those struggling to nail down their brand strategy and marketing methods, it might not seem so simple. If that’s you, we got you covered.

Our self-paced marketing course and printable guide will walk you step-by-step through how to build a strategy that works for you – not against you. Learn more about The Mint Marketing Method course and decide if it’s the right fit for you!


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