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4 Signs You Need to Update Your Website

As a business owner, it can be easy to settle into routine and get used to recycling the same type of content over and over without even realizing it may not be relevant to your brand and business anymore.

That’s why intentionally setting aside time to review your website – from your images, to your about page, to your offerings – is crucial to consistently connecting with your audience, growing your web traffic, and keeping things fresh and easy to understand!

Here are four signs to look for when determining whether or not your website is in need of a transformation:



We get it - some branding shots are just too good to leave behind, and it can be tempting to milk a great branding shoot for all its worth. As a general guideline though, we suggest scrapping any photos that are over two years old from your website to ensure its look and feel are both fresh and relevant to your brand.

If we continued to post our images as wedding photographers, for example, they might be a little misleading to clients who don’t know about our shift from wedding to branding photography!


The transition between branding aesthetics isn't always as smooth as we hope, and its not all that uncommon to encounter an awkward in-between stage where the old and new are thrown together messily on your website and socials.

So, a key way to determine whether or not your website is in need of an upgrade is to look for signs of this mix-matched medley of branding visuals!

For example, look for inconsistencies in fonts, logos, photos, themes, and branding colours (i.e. is your home page decorated in the colours of your new branding, and your about page in your old colour scheme?)


Maybe your services and offers as a brand have undergone a major change as of recently, like ours. Are these changes reflected in your about info? Your client testimonials? Your product/service purchasing page? If not, this can have a major negative impact on your business.

If we were to share a testimonial from a wedding shoot we did, for example, it may prevent us from resonating with our current dream clients, and only attract our old ones!


One of the best ways to gauge the quality and value of your website is to pay attention to the most important voices of all - your clients’!

If you've recently noticed a surge in client inquiries, whether about a particular topic or various aspects of your business, that's a strong sign that your website is not adequately fulfilling its purpose of informing and attracting your ideal clients.

Whether it's too confusing, too vague, or too inconsistent, chances are: it's time for a makeover!


Depending on the size and nature of your business, you may have to look for these signs a lot or just a little to stay in check. As a starting point, we recommend doing a full, thorough sweep of your website once a year to look for any areas of improvement!

For more guidance on building a website thats equipped with all the essential components to convert, check out our marketing course!


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