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3 Types of Client Testimonials

Updated: Aug 3, 2022

Testimonials can be a VERY effective way to market your business! But in order to use them most effectively, we need to understand the different types and their purposes.

It's good to alternate between these and be intentional about what you are trying to achieve when sharing a testimonial!

Here they are...

  1. Solves a Problem - Testimonials that address one of your audiences specific pain points. How can you help to relieve their workload, stress, or just general frustrations with a part of their business or life?

  2. Adds Value - These are testimonials that help potential customers/clients overlook the cost of your service by stating how much value they received when working with you.

  3. Overcomes Objections - These are testimonials that speak about clients overcoming their initial objections with purchasing from or working with you

So how can you achieve the different types with your clients? Maybe think about sending out a feedback form with specific question prompts after they've worked with you!



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