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3 Reason's Your Offer May Not be Selling

Updated: Aug 3, 2022

Your branding, brand itself, social media marketing, collabs and all things process work and more, are all ultimately geared towards one common goal: selling your business offers. With so much effort going into showcasing what you have to offer your prospective clients, it can be extremely discouraging to realize that your biz just isn’t selling — that, for some reason, your services and products aren’t hitting the mark with your target audiences.

When working behind the scenes of a business and seeing first hand how much hard work and effort goes into what you put out there, it’s pretty hard not to see your own value. After all, you know better than anyone your intentions, the quality of your products and services, the time and dedication it takes to deliver them, and how they outperform your competitors. Having this sort of deep, intimate relationship with your biz, it can be extremely easy to forget to consider how your business is presenting to the public itself. It also means that when and if you do find yourself lacking in mutual customer engagement, you’ll find it to be quite a head scratcher. I mean, how could they not be interested, right?! If you’re reading this right now and finding yourself nodding along eagerly, then we’ve got just what you need!

Here are three key areas of your business management you may be neglecting to address:

01 You Aren’t Clearly Advertising Your Value — You’re an entrepreneur, and out there selling something in what tends to be a crazy busy market. Chances are, you’ve done your research, and have maximized the value of your biz accordingly. But is that translating to your audience? Can prospective clients easily decipher how you differ from competition? Are they able to find any information that clearly shows how their investments enhance their client experience? Do your products/services show to be practical? This is the type of information you should make certain your audiences have easy access to — trust us, it will drastically increase their chances of investing!

02 You Haven’t Been Consistent — We get it, finding a rhythm to your biz can be a major hassle. But it is so important in shaping audiences’ perceptions of your worth as a business. For starters, it builds trust — a total must in attracting business. Secondly, it prevents things from seeming over-complicated. Nothing deters customers like a business that seems messy — they’re looking to you to help make their own lives less messy! And lastly, it helps keep you memorable. So, our advice? Stay clear & consistent in your business intentions, offerings, and online presences as much as possible, and hold yourself accountable to those goals.

Does this mean that you have to show up on all social media platforms all the time? No it does not. Pick 1, or 2 the most that make the most sense for your business and be consistent on there! Even if you get into the habit of showing up 3 times a week for starters.. sharing a real life photo one day, an educational post another day and an encouraging quote another day, you get the picture! People like consistency and they like to know that they can expect you to show up when you say you will.

03 Your Offer Lacks Emotional Value — Perhaps you’ve been putting a lot of energy into emphasizing the quality and logistics behind what it is you’re putting out there for your target demographics. That’s great! People love to be assured of the fact that their trust is being honoured and that their investments into your business are worth their while in the long term. But, what does it mean for them? Remember, your audiences are real people, not just numbers, and it’s important to remember that as such, they’re always going to be seeking out the products & services that make them feel good. Make your why as clear as can be, and make certain your clients can be confident in knowing that their humanity as customers is always valued and prioritized!

Wow! Much to consider huh? When running a business and working as an entrepreneur, it’s extremely common to let the position of owner completely consume you. But it’s crucial to regularly step back and consider things through the lens of your audience — are they really being made to feel involved as customers, or are they only experiencing your business in vague here’s and there’s?

For those of you struggling with giving your business offers a home run sell, we hope that this has been helpful in guiding you towards some changes that’ll fix that for you! We greatly appreciate your time, and as always, are so thankful for your guys’ support and trust. Thank you for joining us on our business journey, and bringing us along for yours — there’s nothing we’d rather do! Best of wishes, friends!


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