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3 Prompts for Writing Your Brand Story

Your brand story is a recollection of the events that led to your brand’s creation. It follows the journey of your brand from a small idea to a living, breathing concept that you now proudly represent.

If you've read Donald Miller's book "Building a Story Brand,'' you’ll know how important your brand story really is when it comes to connecting with your audience - and if you haven't, we *highly* recommend that you do… it might just transform your outlook on your biz altogether!

The truth is, without an authentic and clear brand story, your dream clients (the hero of your story) will struggle to trust your intentions and find all the great value you can bring to their lives. Try to think of your brand story as the explanation behind your brand messaging and your why: it's what helps your audience understand where you’re coming from and why you might relate to each other. Without it, how can they know where their story fits into yours?

Here are three of our favourite prompts to help you get started. And don’t forget to make sure your story answers the question(s) that follow the prompts – that’s the most important part!


What was the problem you saw in the world that you realized you had the power to solve?

Answer: How does your past help your audience’s present?


Tell me why you’ve put your service or product out into the world. What did you aim to accomplish through your brand?

Answer: How does your client's world improve with you in it?


Tell me about a conflict you had that led you to start your business (Use an abbreviated story arc: inciting incident, rising action…etc)

Answer: How does the end resolution benefit your audience?


Whether your brand story fits clearly into one of the categories above or is a mishmash of them all, the most important part of your brand story is that it always relates directly back to your ideal clients' needs, wants and desires – if you're still struggling to answer the questions above after answering the prompts, it's time to go back to the drawing board!

If you’re looking to clarify your brand's messaging and communicate your value in a powerful one-liner, The Mint Marketing Method video course will not only walk you step-by-step through how to nail your brand message, but our 5 extra proven steps to creating a powerful brand! Learn more about the course here.


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