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10 Business Ideas You Can Do From Home

Updated: Aug 3, 2022

You might be feeling like you're ready to quit that 9-5 job to be able to have a more flexible schedule. Or maybe you long to be able to do something you ENJOY doing for work. But you have no idea where to start or maybe you're having a hard time committing to something in particular because you haven't researched all the options. In this post, we've outlined 10 side hustles you can do from home and get started on ASAP! And if you're fully committed and stick with it, we believe that little side hustle could turn into your full time job before you know it! It did for us!


This is where we started 10 years back and within a year, we were bringing in enough income that it allowed Natalie to be able to quit her teaching job to be able to stay home with our children and take photos some evenings and weekends.

There is such a wide range of opportunities when it comes to photography. Weddings, family sessions, birth photography, commercial and real estate photography and more. You don't have to purchase a ton of equipment to get started. Use what you have or purchase a basic SLR camera to get going and slowly invest as you learn and progress. There is always a need for photographers!

Social Media Manager

There is LOT'S of of opportunity for this job right now!! Social Media is such a key part of marketing today and so many companies have no idea what they're doing on Social Media and prefer not to waste their time posting, commenting, replying back to messages etc.,


While it can take some time to make an income, there really is no limit when it comes to how much you can make blogging. There are so many different ways you can monetize a blog. You can use ads, sponsored posts and affiliate links or you could design and sell courses, presets, templates, etc.,

Graphic Designer

You may not have gone to school for graphic design but perhaps you have great skill and talent when it comes to design work. You could start by offering to do some free work for family or friends in order to build your portfolio and then see where it goes from there.

Ghost Writer

This is when you write blog posts or articles for another business but they use their own name as the author. If you're someone who is really good with words, then this may be a great option.

Online Educator

If you already have an existing platform or a niche that you do really well then why not EDUCATE others in that field!? You could start with doing some blogging, reels, IGTV's etc., and then eventually host webinars and put out master courses. Again, there is no limit to the types of resources you could create and sell as an online educator!

Interior Designer

Again, you don't need to have gone to school for this. If you have an eye for design and love doing up your own home, you could totally turn this into a job! Start by sharing photos and projects from your own space and people will eventually be happy to hire you to help with theirs because they trust you and the work that you do.


If you're a good public speaker, love to interview people or love sharing your thoughts and opinions with others, than this might be a great option for you! Like blogging, it could take a bit of time to grow your platform and get things rolling but if you're passionate about it than stay with it and you will be able to monetize eventually with sponsored adds.

Floral Designer

This is a more specific niche but everyone loves flowers and apart from just selling them, you could run virtual workshops, tutorials and educate others when it comes to learning everything there is to know about floral design!

Handmade Goods Shop

Is there anything in particular that you enjoy making? Could be string art, jewelry? Candles? Bath bombs? Knitted items? Wooden Toys? Printables? The options are ENDLESS for items that you could make right from the comfort of your own home and begin selling in an online shop such as Etsy that's all ready to go for you! Eventually we recommend building your own site though in order to legitimize your business and so you're able to keep all of your earnings.

We truly hope this helps you if you're wanting to explore what options are out there when it comes to living a life and doing a job that you not only feel fulfilled in, but that also gives you the flexibility to live an intentional life, and spend more time doing things that really matter.

Thanks so much for reading!


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