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7 Ways to Increase Brand Awareness

Updated: Aug 3, 2022

We know that creating and establishing a brand can be challenging. It takes dedication and persistence to get your message out and be recognized within your industry. If you put in the time you will be rewarded! Try incorporating these 7 tips into your business and you will gain more awareness within your niche and amongst your customers...

  1. Start an SEO friendly Blog - Blogs are a great way to keep customers informed, give them value and stay current. The search engines also reward individuals or businesses who post frequently as they see this as an active website pouring current and relevant information onto the internet. This will drive more traffic to your site and allow prospective clients to get to know you faster.

  2. Optimize your Social Profiles - Use key words about your business and clearly define who you are serving. Also including a call to action makes people want to act. Make sure profiles are complete with proper links and contact info too!

  3. Stay Consistent - Regular posting patterns are more recognizable and help you to gain trust with your audience.

  4. Start a Referral Program - This is a great way to encourage word of mouth and get others talking about you. Incentivizing past clients who loved your work will be big in helping them continue to talk about you

  5. Collaborate with Other Brands - This will help you to reach new audiences. Guest blog, reel collab, podcasts and other methods. Get your name out there and get recognize by other audiences and they will follow you.

  6. Create Videos - Sometimes images just don't grab that short attention span most people have on socials. It is beneficial to try and morph your content into videos (instagram reels, YouTube, Go Live, etc...)

  7. Utilize Multiple Social Avenues - Sometimes you will find certain audiences in certain places. While you are primarily posting on Facebook you may be missing out on professionals on LinkedIn. If you are posting on TikTok maybe you need to reach people on Instagram. Try to replicate posts and display them across all platforms for a greater reach.

If you try some of these tips we are confident you will find success. Even if you attempt doing them one at a time and steadily work them into your daily routines it will be beneficial for you and you will see progress with your brand awareness.

If you feel you need more coaching on this topic we offer a lot of great 1-on-1 mentoring on this topic. Visit for more information and to book your coaching session!


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